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How to Get Rid of Extra Pounds the Easy Way

Walk.Walk for how many rounds.Everyday.Or, everytime you have the chance.That's our secret.To get rid of extra pounds.We walk around the property almost everyday.We started doing 5 rounds.We add one round everyday. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});This is the scene that we see everyday.It's a bonus that we get to view the beautiful sunset.The saguaro cactus.The… Continue reading How to Get Rid of Extra Pounds the Easy Way

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10 Side Jobs for Teachers

Teaching is a full-time job. It's a tough job educating the future leaders of the country. Do teachers make good money? In some countries, teachers are not paid enough. Thus, they need to have hustle jobs or side jobs. Here's a list of possible side jobs for teachers. 1. Teach part time in other schools.… Continue reading 10 Side Jobs for Teachers

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Affordable Ways To Enjoy A Vacation

Some people equate vacation with lots of money. That you can't enjoy your life without much money. Nowadays though there are affordable ways of enjoying a vacation. Our visit to Sedona was one good example. Here's a list of activities that one can do without needing money...

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Something Fun to Do: Visit Sedona, The Red Rock Country (Part1)

One day is not enough to visit all the beautiful places in Sedona. What we have seen in July 4 though made us very happy. No words can describe my feelings upon entering the Chapel of the Holy Cross. What a sight!

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11 Checklist in Traveling Overseas With Kids

To travel is to prepare. If you travel with kids, you need to prepare more. Thus, much time is needed in preparation. Or as the expert travelers would tell us. Be more smart in the preparation to save time and effort...

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8 Super Tips to Teach Kids About Budgeting

Budget is a simple 5-letter word. In reality though it's complicated. Even to the adults. How much more to the kids. How do parents like me then introduce the idea of budgeting to the kids? I would say it depends on the age of the kids. Also, in their orientation growing up in the family. As for me, these simple steps helped me a lot to educate my daughters about money and budgeting.

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10-Point Checklist in Hunting Preparation

In a few weeks we will be going hunting again here in Arizona. What do you need to go hunting? How do you prepare? What do you even bring with you? These were some of the questions I asked the first time we went hunting. I documented what's needed in hunting preparation. I am hoping this helps people who are interested in going to the mountain.

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5 Easy Steps to Budget for the Family

"How do you budget for your family?" That is the usual question me and my friends asked from each other every time we had a chance to meet. Yes, teachers also do the budget. I used to teach Basic Economics at the University. And our senior colleagues shared with us their budgeting experiences. Why do we need to budget?