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Obsession with Money: Pros & Cons

Everyone is so focused on making money! Who would not? Money affects almost all aspects of life. Preoccupation with money has many pros. But too much obsession about money has cons though according to experts. The Pros 1. It can improve your finances. If you are focused on money, you know how much you can… Continue reading Obsession with Money: Pros & Cons

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Tips on How to Deal with Homesickness: A Far Away Mom

Are you away from your family? Are you homesick? How do you deal with it? I know somewhere out there, there are many mothers or fathers who are not with their families like me. Being homesick is normal. Especially for the first few weeks of being separated from your family. Don't let it ruin you… Continue reading Tips on How to Deal with Homesickness: A Far Away Mom

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Tips in Traveling Alone Overseas: Bali Trip

  1. Be alert. The moment I was at the airport, my radars were up. I kept thinking about people taking advantage of other people at the airport. People putting prohibited stuff at other passenger's bags. 2. Don't trust anybody. When a person sat beside me, I was on red alert already. Especially when that… Continue reading Tips in Traveling Alone Overseas: Bali Trip

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Nothing Stays Forever: Forever is a Lie.

So much is going on around us nowadays. There are always something new. Everything changes. Let's see what's happening in some countries. In America, Sen. John McCain from Arizona, 81, died on August 25 due to brain cancer. Earlier today, some Americans were disgruntled because the White House flag was no longer on a half-staff… Continue reading Nothing Stays Forever: Forever is a Lie.

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The To-Do List of Newbie Traveler

I have only been to few countries, seven to be exact. But I would like to share my experience. I hope this helps you to decide in: 1) How to go about with your final preparation, if you are already planning your trip. 2) To finally decide to travel, if you are still undecided. 3)… Continue reading The To-Do List of Newbie Traveler

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hunting

There are rules in every game. Hunters have their own rules too. They cannot just hunt any animals they want to and at any time they want to do so. 1. Hunters must be licensed. No license means no business in hunting. I am not a licensed hunter. I just go along with the hunters.… Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Hunting

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My First Trip: Thailand (Same Same Madam)

How can I forget Thailand? It's the first country I have visited. My love to travel, Thailand started it all! It was the first time I entered the international airport and alone. I have ridden a plane before but on domestic destinations. And I was always with friends and family. When I had company who… Continue reading My First Trip: Thailand (Same Same Madam)

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Lessons Learned From a Toasted (Burned) Whole Wheat

I am all for learning. Teachers should be continuous learner anyway. I did not expect though that today I learned a lesson from a piece of bread. Yes you read it right the first time, a piece of bread. A super toasted as in burned whole wheat bread. At the Linda's Hossier Cafe I noticed… Continue reading Lessons Learned From a Toasted (Burned) Whole Wheat

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Elk Hunting in Payson: My First in the Wilderness

My first time to hike on real wilderness! The idea of going hunting was exciting in itself. The fact that I was on the real wilderness was exhilarating. We started early, it was still dark at 4 o'clock in the morning. It was too cold, month of October last year. What's good with the group… Continue reading Elk Hunting in Payson: My First in the Wilderness

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Memories, Floods, Millenial’s Ingenuity & Lessons Learned

These Memories from facebook prompted me to write this article. Same day, year 2015 on our way back to Manila, Philippines from the Ilocos Region. It was a very long travel. We were not ready for it. We did not prepare. It was a very difficult situation. There was no food inside the car anymore.… Continue reading Memories, Floods, Millenial’s Ingenuity & Lessons Learned