Stolen shots. Stories Behind Stolen Shots. Baguio City. Cebu City. Panglao Island. Baluarte. Mine's View Park. Sm Fairview.

Stories Behind the Stolen Shots

I have always been fascinated by stolen shots. I find them interesting. They make my mind wonder.

Stolen shot shows the real us. In a way, it depicts a person’s character. There is a story in every stolen shot. Or, at least in our stolen shots.

My two girls, Faye and Zoe, at Baguio City, Philippines. They were admiring the flower. Zoe was very happy. Faye was showing her how to handle it.
This picture was taken two months ago at Arizona, USA. I was looking intensely at the deer which were not scared of me. They did not even bother to run! I was interested to find out why they just stayed there even if there were people around. The place is at the middle of the Gold Canyon Golf Resort. And the deer confidently just looked at me staring at them. And, maybe they too were wondering why I was wondering about them!
Faye, at the cashier’s counter at SM Fairview, in Quezon City, Philippines. She looked so serious. She meant business as I was teaching her how to handle money. She did her own transactions that day.
Zoe and me at Baguio City. We were at the Mine’s View Park which was being renovated at that time. Was she assisting me in going down the cobbled stairs or was it me assisting her? I was holding tightly her hand so she would not stumble down.
The girls fooling around at one park in Cebu City. The mama just sat down on a corner too tired from our tour of the city. They were so carefree. I love moments like this. It shows their bonding.
At Panglao island in Bohol. They were looking at their shadows. Zoe holding the hand of her sister for protection. I told them they can go play at the seashore but they must look after each other.
That was me years ago at Baluarte in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. I was so focused at the urgent task on hand “take a shot of that colorful bird without him/her going away”. I did not know someone was also taking a shot of me.

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