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Gardening After All These Years!

Me and my high school friends graduated 32 years ago.

Until now though we still have something in common, our gardening.

We now live in different parts of the world.

At times we are known as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

We still do the same thing though during our spare time.

We tend to our little gardens.

I am now in Arizona.

I grow kangkong (water spinach), camote (sweet potato) and okra (lady finger). I also have malunggay (moringa).

My kangkong and camote were given to me by my friend Ate Adela who now lives in Michigan.

In fact, she left me all her plants when she moved. The okra seeds I bought from Walmart and the moringa from a tropical garden here at Apache Junction.

My sister-in-law, Tina, said it’s so expensive at $28. But I miss moringa leaves in my mung beans!

Moringa Tree
Okra (Lady Finger)
Kangkong (water spinach)/Camote (sweet potato) behind

The camotes I have planted them under the orange tree.

They are thriving beautifully.

My pet Tiny, a tortoise, likes the leaves very much just like me.

Is it a case of maybe “like master, like pet”?

I have put wires around the pots to ward off rabbits from eating them. Yes, rabbits of different sizes visit us regularly. And javelinas, owls, and bobcats too.

And recently a rattle snake was also found near the bigger garden, four days ago.


The Rattle Snake

My fear of the snakes prevents me from gardening too much especially on the evenings. Back in Manila, I used to visit my flowers even at night time when I arrived from work. With such creatures prowling around here I cannot do that.

Gardening relaxes me a lot. I may not be able to do much of it now but on those little times that I can, it makes me very happy. It helps appease my loneliness sometimes when I miss my girls.

On my friends and high school classmates, I have seen from their facebook posts about their gardens. They are really beautiful.

Clifford who works in California even has fruit trees.

Allan’s vegetables seem so green. He lives in Canada with his family.

B-vogs (also in Canada now) has upo (calabash) and squash.

Marietes who is in Germany has tomatoes and eggplants on her doorsteps. She puts them in flower pots. Such a resourceful lady!

Clifford’s plants:

Fuji Apple Tree

From Allan’s garden:


These are B-vog’s:


Marietes’ treasures:


We studied at The Magsingal Institute (TMI) in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. We had a reunion in 2014, our first after 1986. Most though were not able to attend like Allan.

FB_IMG_1533840802754Until next reunion mates!

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