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Trixie, the Donkey

I grew up on a farm. Normal sights to me were that  of the carabao (water buffalo), cows, goats, pigs, chickens,and ducks. But of donkeys? No way, Jose!

We used to ride the carabao as he grazed grasses. There was even a time when Pat, my first cousin who used to live with us during the elementary days, pulled my leg while I was on top of our carabao. He wanted to be the one riding him! Of course that did not sit well with me. I planned my childish revenge. While he was enjoying his ride, I sneaked behind them and did exactly what he did. I pulled also his leg. He struggled but eventually fell off from the carabao also.

Until I came to Arizona I would say I had not seen a donkey yet. Here I have met Trixie, the donkey.

Trixie, 2016

This was Trixie when she was first brought home. She was a wild burro but was adopted at Apache Junction. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conducts adoption of wild horses and wild burros every year.There is a minimal adoption fee collected. The BLM finds homes for previously wild animals.

Trixie has her own pen. Adopters are required to supply each burro or horse its owns 400 square-foot sheltered corral. She has drinking tub. She eats grass hay. It’s usually bought at the feed store at nearly $17 per bale.

Trixie, 2017

Trixie likes the attention of her master, Bob, who usually pets her. Trixie is good for children. Bob’s granddaughter, Collins,  likes her very much.

Trixie, 2017

Trixie is a social animal. She likes people. She is affectionate.

Trixie, 2018

She seems a very easy pet to take care of. Once in a while though her hooves need to be trimmed by a professional farrier so that she is comfortable.


Trixie, 2018

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