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Hiking at its Finest

The Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is located between Pine and Payson in Arizona.


It has three trails. The Pine Creek Trail, the Waterfall Trail and the Gowan Trail.

We took the Gowan Trail.

The Gowan Trail features a waterfall and it is a 0.5 mile hike.

For experienced hikers this is an easy one. But how about for newbies like me? It is doable. As long as one observes the basic rules in hiking.

First off, use sturdy hiking shoes. “There are abrupt vertical steps”.

There are wooden steps though on some parts. If tired, one can always take a rest, just like what I did.

Weariness can catch up with you especially in going back, no matter how excited you are about the  hike.


Near the viewing deck. There are cliffs.


Everyone is advised to be always on the alert. Watch your every step.

Beware of rattle snakes!

Bring water. It is a must.


A bottle or two or even three bottles of water is a necessity in hiking.

There are benches along the way. Hikers can take a rest, catch their breath and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is not everyday that one can go there at the very picturesque place.

Other hikers, young and adult had with them hiking stick.  It helps. In my case, I had none. I only had the selfie stick for taking pictures!

At the end of the trail lies a cavelike tunnel with beautiful rock formations.

One can go down. Do rock hopping carefully.


On top is a a tiny water fall.


There are benches around. Hikers can enjoy the awesome view. Take souvenir pictures or simply chatting with their friends and family sharing the experience of reaching the place.

There are also cactus hanging on the cliffs.

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