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Review: Life of a Newbie Blogger

After being online for two weeks and publishing 12 articles, I would like to pause for a while and look at lyn as a blogger.

Since I started blogging I have been reading works of other bloggers. I was amazed that others have been blogging for years. As in they have been doing it for a decade!

Way to go self💃

I started blogging for something to do after doing daily chores. I listed many topics to blog about. It is a very long list. But once I start writing I ended up blogging about another topic, not included in my list!

I usually blog while loafing at the living room. I have my fave couch.

I have read many articles on how to start a blog. Experienced bloggers advise to have a niche. My articles so far are about different topics. Mostly on my travels though.

From the articles I have published none so far is about education and I wanted to focus on it! I am thinking of starting a new one which will solely center on education. I hope you will also have time to read it.

The articles about my road trips got the most views at nearly a hundred. Quite a number for a newbie blogger! And in two weeks having 200 visitors is a feat. Thank you💃

There are even step by step guide on how to blog. But once you start writing you forgot about them. You just want to share what’s on your mind at that moment, what you have experienced, what you saw, and what you felt. Hoping that in one way or another the readers will gain or learn something from it.

It was actually more difficult to start blogging than actually doing it. For those who are still procrastinating I advise you go plunge for it. You can do it!

It took a while for me to publish the first article.

I read it for how many times before I pressed the publish button.

After that it was easier to publish the next articles.

Another hill to hurdle as a new blogger is what to publish next.

Refer to your prepared list of topics lyn I usually tell myself.

Just think what would interest your reader. You write for them not for you. Thus said the master bloggers.


2 thoughts on “Review: Life of a Newbie Blogger”

  1. Way to go! Just keep on writing. I mostly write on what topic I fancy, and I write for my own amusement. I believe that If our work is well-written and is interesting, the readers and the visitors will follow.

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