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Elk Hunting in Payson: My First in the Wilderness

My first time to hike on real wilderness!

The idea of going hunting was exciting in itself.

The fact that I was on the real wilderness was exhilarating.

We started early, it was still dark at 4 o’clock in the morning. It was too cold, month of October last year.

What’s good with the group of hunters, I have found out that they are not charged with coffee at gas stations, if they have their own cups. Hunters are very noticeable because of the green clothes that they used. And also their trucks with the ATV at the back.

The ATV is used to transport the meat of the hunted animal from the wilderness to the place where the hunter’s truck was parked.

It felt different once on top of the mountain. The smell of the trees, the air, everything felt so good!

It was really so cold up there! I felt it on my bones. I was shivering while hiking.

The wilderness was so picturesque especially at dawn.

when the sun was rising….

I felt that I was on top of the world. And all problems were forgotten even for a while. The mountain was infectious!

I saw different kinds of trees and cacti. Some cacti were small and harmless. Others are harmful though. If one goes near them, their thorns would stick on you. Thus the need for high boots and thick pants.

The thorns can only be removed with small-toothed comb. Seasoned hunters always have them. Novice like me I had no idea until I was stuck with one. It took how many minutes to remove them. Even after the hunt there were still marks on my legs.

I love it on the mountain. I went back early this year for the Javelina hunting.

On the 3rd day, we got our elk.

Below is the “what-to-prepare” in hunting. I will tackle on another article the “how-to” of hunting.

The Preparation Checklist for Hunting

These things must be ready the night before the big day.

1. The clothes. Everything should be green. I used black pants though, it was my first hunting season I had no green pants yet. I did wear green long sleeves. It is common to use layers of clothes. Two or three shirts with sweater and even two pants.

Reason for wearing green: So that the animals would not see the hunter easily. Once they saw the hunter they would scamper away.

2. Hunting boots/shoes. They must be sturdy. The kind that do not slip easily. They should protect your feet and legs because there are many cacti with thorns on the mountain.

3. Gloves. It was cold out in the wilderness. A pair of gloves is always handy.

4. The head gear. It could be hat or anything to protect your head from the cold. I had a hat and a hoodie. I also had a neckerchief.

5. The binoculars. These would help the hunter monitor the whereabouts of the animals.

6. The food and drinks. Bottles of water. Sandwich or bread or biscuits. No one can tell when you will be seeing the elk. Or if saw them already, are they near or far from your location. Can you get them?

7. Tissues/Napkin. These can be handy in case you need to do number 1 (pee) or number 2 (bowel movement).

8. The dependable backpack. It must be durable for all the stuff needed for the hunting.

9. The Gun. If you are the real hunter you must surely bring this. Complete with ammunitions. I only went for the experience. I was the assistant of the real hunter.

10. Selfie stick. Of course do not forget this for picture taking!

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