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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hunting

There are rules in every game. Hunters have their own rules too. They cannot just hunt any animals they want to and at any time they want to do so.

1. Hunters must be licensed. No license means no business in hunting. I am not a licensed hunter. I just go along with the hunters. Hunters are of different genders and ages.

2. Hunters must observe what is written on their hunt permit-tags. It is stated on the tag what kind of animals they can get.

* there is hunting season per kind of animals ( elk, bear, javelina, deer, etc.)

In this year’s javelina hunting season, we saw cows, not javelinas. Hunters are disciplined.


* the tag also state what gender of animals can be hunted on that season (elk with antlers, elk without antlers, etc.)

In the case of javelinas, it can be any, male or female.

In last year’s elk hunting season, I first saw an elk with antlers. The hunter didn’t shoot him because the tag stated with out antlers.

Elk with antlers

There are corresponding fees for hunt permit-tags and licenses.

In Arizona, the licenses are divided into four groupings and the applicants are classified as residents or non-residents.

The four groups are:

General Hunting

Combination Hunt and Fish

Youth Combination Hunt and Fish (ages 10-17)

Short-term Combination Hunt and Fish.

The hunt permit-tags are also divivided as to kind of animals to be hunted.

Hunters can obtain this tag by applying in the draw conducted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD).

A Hunting Tag

3. For purposes of hunting, Arizona is divided into units. A unit is an area with boundaries.

The hunter should only hunt in his unit.

4. Hunters must respect the environment. They do not leave their trash on the mountains. They do not pollute the water.

5. Hunters must shoot safety. They cannot shoot within one quarter mile of a building. They cannot shoot across a road!

The AGFD publishes every year the Hunting Regulations.

Other what not to do in hunting includes:

* Do not chat or talk loud while hunting. The noise would scare the animals.

* Do not go ahead of the real hunter.

* Avoid making extra movements which might catch the attention of the animals.

* Walk silently and carefully. Avoid making extra noise.

* Watch your steps.

There are protruding woods and roots.

There are rocks!

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