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Tips on How to Deal with Homesickness: A Far Away Mom

Are you away from your family?

Are you homesick?

How do you deal with it?

I know somewhere out there, there are many mothers or fathers who are not with their families like me.

Being homesick is normal. Especially for the first few weeks of being separated from your family.

Don’t let it ruin you though.

Here are some ways to overcome it.

1. Pray.

Close your eyes and pray earnestly. Pray about anything that bothers you. Prayers make you calm and become more objective.

2. Trust.

Trust that the members of your family are good enough to live by themselves for a while. Even when at home the parents cannot be with the kids 24/7. They should be trained early on to stand on their own.

3. Focus.

Focus on the task at hand. Do not be distracted with your homesickness. Always give your 100% to whatever you are doing. This way you will have lesser time for your longing home.

4. Communicate daily.

Talk to your family on a daily basis if it will make all parties happier. If this makes you calmer do it.

If time difference is a problem and it is impossible to talk everyday, at least send a message and let them know that you are okay.

Tell them also that you would appreciate getting a message from them everyday just to let you know they are fine.

5. Connect with friends.

I am sure you have friends all over the world.

If your kids are still in class and you are feeling blue, chat with friends. Talk about the good old days. Talk about anything. This will make you feel better.

6. Make new friends.

You can befriend your co-workers. It makes life even better if you are friends with the persons you work with.
7. Continue your hobby, if it is possible.

Being away from home is not a reason to stop your hobbies. If you like reading, do it and even explore other genres of books.

8. Develop new hobbies.

There is always an opportunity for this regardless of where you are.

If you can go out, explore your new home.

In Arizona I can go around the city via the local bus and the light rail. There is a 1-day pass at only $4. It is unlimited rides for one day.

If you cannot go out, you can read. Explore the world through your readings. Start with the light reading materials. It can be about anything just to take your mind off your being homesick.

If you have space, start gardening. You can use plastic containers or bottles. No need to spend also. You can plant anything. The seeds of the fruits that you have eaten like watermelon, cantaloupe, avocado, etc.

9. Make a journal.

Write about anything which tickles your fancy. It is your own. It is nobody’s business what is in it.

10. Write e-books.

Write about topic which interests you. It can be about anything as long as you can say many things about it. You can also use any language you like.

I am writing my first e-book. Start with the outline. You write every time you have a chance.
11. Write a children’s book.

We have an idea what tickles our children. Start with that and develop until it’s through.

It does not need to be publishable. You can give it as a gift to your kids and friends. If you want an extra income you can make it publishable too. Make it as a side hustle.

12. Visit museums.

You learn more about the place where you are at the moment. You can also meet neighbors and tourists at the museum. It can inspire you.

13. Start a blog.

That’s what I did 3 weeks ago. Believe me, it’s effective. Just thinking about what you are going to publish next will make your mind busy.

Involve your family in your blog. My daughters are my first viewers.

Faye is my blog editor!

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