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Obsession with Money: Pros & Cons

Everyone is so focused on making money!

Who would not? Money affects almost all aspects of life.

Preoccupation with money has many pros.

But too much obsession about money has cons though according to experts.

The Pros

1. It can improve your finances.

If you are focused on money, you know how much you can get each month and where the money goes.

You know what percentage of your money goes to each of your priorities.

2. It helps you determine your current financial situation.

Are you still solvent or already broke?

Can you buy all your needs and wants?

Or you can buy only your needs?

3. It can give you a heads-up to look for other sources of income if needed.

Nowadays there are many side jobs being offered out there. There is the online teaching, writing, proofreading, and data entry to name a few.

The Cons

1. It affects your health.

In buying food, there’s a tendency that one buys only the cheap ones instead of the fresh and nutritious ones.

Or worst, one will skip meals.

If feeling unwell, one will not go to the doctor because of money.

If one wants to have more money, one will work long hours or have many side jobs.

2. It can keep friends away from you.

If friends know that you are cheapskate they would not want your company.

Friends avoid stingy person.

Relatives bad-mouth a stingy person.

3. It takes the joy of living out of you.

Relax. Enjoy life every now and then.

Money is good but do not make it your everything.

There is still a lot that matters aside from money.

Let us not become too obsessed with money.

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