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Tips on Spending a Holiday!

It’s labor day here in the US.

That’s long weekend! It means a lot for working people.

It’s a great opportunity to go out of town.

We have decided to join some friends at the camp site in Mogollon Rim in Arizona.

I have seen beautiful scenes on our way. I like to share these with you.

I hope this article will lighten your day.

Wild horses at Salt River in Tonto National Forest.

The ever beautiful sunrise.

A light breakfast at Beeline Cafe.

I had Corned Beef Hash with Scrambled Eggs and Hash Brown.

We passed by the Little Green Valley.

With cows and horses grazing the grass.

The pine trees which Payson is known for.

We drove along the tree-lined picturesque winding mountain road.

We went fishing at the Woods Canyon Lake.

This is our campsite!

Stay tuned for the articles about fishing and camping.

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