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Camping 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

Camping is fun.

There’s a lot to prepare though.

But the joy more than commensurate the trouble in the preparation.

To help those who are planning to go camping, I have prepared a checklist of To-Do things.

Before the Camping

1. Check the camping gear.

* The tent.

* The canopy.

* The chairs.

*The ropes.

2. The mat, bedding, blanket, and pillow.

4. The clothes.

Bring sweater and/or jackets.

5. The kitchen utensils: pan, plates, cups, and the silverwares.

6. The food: canned goods, bread, crackers, jams and jellies.

7. Water for washing food. Water for drinking.

8. Coffee. Creamer. Chocolate

9. Paper towels. Tissue paper.

10. The toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

11. A box of match.

12. A knife for meal preparation.

13. A portable table.

14. A lantern.

15. A bag of charcoal.

16. A bottle of charcoal lighter fluid.

This is used to start the fire.

17. A grill.

18. Bring plastic bags and trash bags.

During the Camping

1. Set up the tent.

Make sure that it is properly secured.

2. Set up the canopy.

Tie it very tightly on the trees so that it cannot be blown by strong winds.

3. Before cooking, dig a small hole on the ground.

* put the charcoal

* pour a small amount of the charcoal fluid

* light it with the match

* put 3 or 4 small rocks around the charcoal

* when the charcoal is already hot, put the grill on top

After the Camping

1. Pick up all the trash.

2. Put out the camping fire.

3. Put soil on top of the fire place.

4. Don’t leave a trace.

5. Clean thoroughly before you go.

6. Respect the environment.

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