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On Trillanes Amnesty: Revocable or Not?

Much has been said and written about the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to nullify the amnesty granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

The President also ordered for the Senator’s arrest.

Sen. Trillanes was granted amnesty in 2011 by the former Pres. Benigno Aquino III.

I wanted to understand the issue. I read more about it.

But the more I read, the more I am confused.

Let’s look into these:

1. Legal experts have different views on: Can the amnesty be revoked or not?

2. Sen. Franklin Drilon and movie actor Robin Padilla on: Citizen’s arrest.

On the first issue on whether or not the amnesty can be revoked by the President.

Legal and governance expert Tony La Viña said it is blatantly illegal.

But Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said Trillanes’ amnesty was void upon issuance.

Who between these two experts is correct?

Meanwhile former Pres. Aquino said the amnesty is valid, final, and irrevocable.

For lawyer turned lawmaker Edcel Lagman, the amnesty granted does not provide any revocation clause.

On the citizen’s arrest, it was reported that actor Padilla if he had his way would arrest Sen. Trillanes citing the use of citizen’s arrest.

Sen. Drilon however reiterated that there’s no citizen’s arrest for a 15-year-old, dismissed case.

Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution there is a provision on Citizen’s Arrest if the crime is being committed in your presence.

According to reports Sen. Trillanes has been staying within the Senate premises.

Senate President Tito Sotto bans arresting officers from entering the Senate premises.

What happens next?

Will Sen. Trillanes share the same fate as:

Sen. De Lima?

Former Chief Justice Sereno?

Quo Vadis Philippines?

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