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Tiny: The Tortoise

Are turles the same as tortoises?

Tiny, my tortoise

I thought so before that a tortoise is the same as the turle.

I was partly wrong and partly right.

According to experts:

“turles can be aquatic, semi-aquatic or mostly terrestial.”

That tortoises are also turtles.

They live on land.

They are not equipped to live in water.

Tiny lives on my tropical garden.

He has dug a small hole for himself to avoid the heat.

He eats kale and collard greens.

Sometimes I give him camote (sweet potato) leaves.

He likes them.

Everyday I water the tropical garden. When Tiny hears the noise of the water, he comes out always.

Tiny follows me around while watering.

I give him shower with my hose.

He used to hide his head the first time I did it.

Eventually he loves it. He does not hide his head anymore.

He only stops following me if I give him lots of camote leaves.

He is such a sweet pet. But I get scared sometimes when he follows me around the garden.

When he sticks out his head, it looks like a snake.

I hate snakes!

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