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How to Fight Inflation? (Part II: I Grow My Own)

In Arizona there are International Stores where I can buy Filipino vegetables.

I usually buy Asian foods I like once a month and spend more than a hundred dollars ($100).

My favorites are: moringa, okra, and saluyot which are very expensive.

They aren’t fresh too of course.

There was one time the moringa and the saluyot leaves were already detached from the little branch!

Thus I decided to just grow my own.

The moringa tree

It came from a tropical garden here at $28. A very small one.

You can also plant the seeds but it takes a while for them to grow. I tried doing it.

Moringa planted from seeds.

The Eggplant

The seedlings were bought at home depot.

The camote

They were planted under the dwarf orange tree.

It’s for me and my Tiny, the tortoise. If he’s not eating kale and collard greens, he eats the camote leaves.

Saves $0.98 from buying the kale.

The saluyot

The seeds I planted were given by Tatang, another gardener.

The green pepper

The seedlings were bought at Walmart.

The kangkong

The original plant was given by Ate Adela, a friend who now lives in Michigan.

I have propagated them. I now have three long pots of kangkong.

The okra

The seeds were bought at Walmart.

The lemon tree

It was bought at home depot.

Lemon is expensive at $0.50-$1 a piece!

Nowadays I dry my own seeds.

The pepper (red) and the saluyot (brown) seeds.

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