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How to Fight Inflation? (Part III: Scan Your Receipts and Get Free Stuff)

Everyone needs help nowadays.

If you can get items for free, why spend your hard earned money right?

I mean who wouldn’t want a free item these days?

I go to Walmart almost everyday. I buy most of the stuff I need there. Aside from being near to my place, prices of most items are cheaper there compared to other business establishments.

One day I saw a lady scanned the receipt of a shopper. I asked myself “What’s in it?”

When I had free time I researched about it. I came across Walmart Savings Catcher.

Walmart compares its prices on your receipt with other advertised deals on eligible items from top competitors in your area.

If there are lower prices you are refunded the difference.

How to save through the Walmart Savings Catcher?

1. Download the Walmart app.

2. Register.

3. Every time you shop at Walmart scan your receipt.

4. Walmart will send you email to acknowledge that they got your receipt.

5. Walmart emails you the result of the comparison they did within 72 hours.

6. Your reward is loaded to Savings Catcher egift card.

7. If you want to use your reward, you set up a Walmart pay.

I decided to use mine when I saved $20.55 already.

In the image below you can see the amount remained after buying three pants using my egift card.

8. You will be asked to set a 4-digit pin code.

9. At the cash register, you can pay your purchases with your egift card.

9. Your receipt will be emailed to you.

I got three pairs of pants for free.

Try it.

You can use your egift card to buy anything you need or want at Walmart.

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