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ANYARE?(What Happened?)Help us, We’ll Give Rice: Farmers’ Plea to Gov’t.

I come from a family of farmers from the Ilocos Region in the Philippines.

To this time, the other members of my family are still into farming.

Needless to say I understand the predicament of farmers.

At this time of the year farmers do not have rice or palay anymore.

Well it depends on the region actually.

In the Ilocos region where farmers usually do not have second cropping, in the months of June, July, August, and September, they are already buying expensive rice.

In History books I used to read the Philippines is an agricultural country.

But for how many years now, the Philippines is importing rice from the neighboring countries like Vietnam.

Millions of sacks of rice every year.

Anyare? (What happened?)

The representative of the farming sector asked that government should subsidize expenses of small time farmers.

These farmers who he said are not bankable so they cannot get loan from the banks. They resort to borrowing money from private traders during planting season.

These traders are paid by the farmers with their produce during harvest season.

Thus the farmers had nothing to sell to the National Food Authority (NFA) anymore. (

Again, anyare? (what happened?)

What’s new?

That’s been happening for how many decades now.

As if the government officials do not know about that.

And if they do not really know about the predicament of the farmers until now, what are they doing there in the different government offices?

Why not let other people who are really interested in helping the millions of Filipino farmers occupy those government offices?

As my friend says “I know I was born at night, but not last night!”

I’m reaching my golden age at the end of the month but I haven’t seen or heard any changes yet in the lives of the farmers.

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