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On Political Leanings: Dilawans vs. Dutertards

My Definition of terms:

Dilawans – people who show support to the Liberal Party in the Philippines.

– people who show support or admire former Presidents Corazon Aquino and Benigno Aquino III.

– people who like or admire Ninoy Aquino.

– people who show support or like Kris Aquino!

Dutertards– people who show support to President Rodrigo Duterte.


I can’t sleep.

It’s already 11:20 pm here.

My two girls are still at the university, Zoe is in class and Faye is preparing for a science project presentation.

I can’t chat with them yet!

I need to write about something.

Then it came to mind friends who are at odds with each other because of different political leanings.

Friends showing support to different leaders or politicians and who unfriended or block each other in their different social media accounts.

I admire also leaders, politicians, and yes artists too.

There are two Filipina artists I really like that I visit how many times a day their IG accounts.

One is Sharon Cuneta since elementary days. I am a silent die hard fan. Another is Kris Aquino since I had seen her at the National Book Store in Manila years ago.

I like these two women.

I learn a lot from them.

I admire them for:

Being strong women.

Their love for their children.

Their passion for their job.

Their bravery in rising every time they fall.

Leaders I admire. Noynoy Aquino. Rodrigo Duterte. Donald Trump.

Based on my definition of terms I am both a Dilawan and a Dutertard!

We admire someone because we see in them qualities that we like.

Sometimes we wish that we have those qualities too.

At times, we envision ourselves to be like them.

What I admire in Pres. Noynoy is his being cool. Cool to me is not being pressured. I like his being keen in giving details. I love his honesty and transparency.

I remember a government employee friend who once told me “kahit siguro 25 cents titipirin ni Noynoy para sa bayan.” (Noynoy would save even a 25 cents for the country).

I also like Pres. Digong in his being down to earth. He shows what he is. He does not pretend to be someone else. He says what he likes not really caring what other people would say.

I pity them both because they are being bashed by people in maybe many million times a day.

I can’t understand why people supporting different leaders need to bash each other too.

Our leaders do not personally know us.

And I doubt if they even care about us personally.

Some people even say that they only know us before elections!

And maybe they are right.

May we all preserve our friendship.

Leaders come and go.

The term of office of the Philippine President is only 6 years.

At least that’s what the 1987 Constitution states.

Former President Gloria Arroyo served for 9 years though.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos served for 21 years.

The 1935 Constitution then provided only for a 4-year term with one reelection.

Time check: 12:11 a.m.

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