goodnight moon. bright moon. saguaro cactus.

Goodnight Moon

7:09 pm

I am writing this article while on my swing.

Facing east, looking at the moon.

The bright moon rising above the mountain.

The giant Saguaro Cactus silhouetted against its brilliance.

I can hear the dogs barking from afar.

I hear the sounds of cars passing by.

I hear the screeching of tires.

I hear the sound of the crickets.

As the moon goes up away from the mountain.

I tried looking at the west.

I saw this sight.

It’s a promising peaceful night.

I just wish it’s restful too.

But I usually sleep light.

I monitor my girls who are in their class.

I only sleep tight once they are home.

Goodnight moon.

I wish my girls could see you too.

One day soon.

We will all say Goodnight Moon.

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