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Monitoring Kids: Overseas Mom Style

This is the most difficult part of being overseas – to be separated from my kids.

As a mother I want the best for my girls.

But I also want that though I am far they can still feel my presence in their lives.

That I still do my duties as a parent.

Not only the monetary duties but the guidance as well.

The time difference between the Philippines and Arizona, USA is a big problem to hurdle epecially on weekdays.

Philippines is 15 hours ahead of Arizona.

My sleep time needs to be sacrificed.

I can’t sleep tight until they are fetch at the University.

I just doze off on my nest (couch at the living room).

They are fetch most days at 7:00 – 8:00 pm their time.

They do their homeworks while waiting.

Sometimes they just fool around.

I help them research if the internet connection there is slow.

I advise what clothes they use if they have presentation or reporting in class.

I act as peacemaker if they are not in good terms.

Usually when one wants to play and the other doesn’t want to.

Sometimes I ended up offerring Faye that she plays with me!

She would be happy even if she knows I really don’t know what game they play on their cellphones.

Last night I slept at 1:59am (Arizona time).

Zoe sent a message that her sister was not yet at their meeting place.

Their rendezvouz after class is at one building at the University.

It was already 4:00 pm their time. Zoe has been waiting for 1 hr.

I sent a message to Faye that her sister was waiting for her.

Faye messaged Zoe that they meet at the 4th floor of another building.

Zoe asked me where that building is. I used to teach at the University for 22 years.

Zoe went at that building. She can’t find her sister!

I told her to go back at their meeting place. She might be too tired already climbing that high building.

There is no elevator.

They finally met past 5:00pm.

Mothers want their kids to eat on time.

My 11-year old Zoe had no money yesterday.

The father forgot to give her the daily allowance.

Her sister also forgot to give her money from her savings.

This made me cry.

I apologized to Zoe. It’s because her mama is too far that she experienced that.

She said “Mama it’s okay, I have eaten. There’s lot of food today.”

Sept. 27 is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul.

I read her sister’s s message sent to her before 10:00 am.

That Zoe can go to her room at another building to get her allowance.

Zoe declined because she had already eaten.

I felt better then.

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