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Bear Spotting at Payson, Arizona

At the moment I am in Payson, Arizona bear spotting.

Friday next week is the opening of bear hunting season.

Payson is known for its beautiful pine trees.

I have been here several times already. I love it.

The bears usually come out when it’s nearly dark.

I busied myself taking pictures of desert flowers among others.

Small plants with beautiful yellow flowers.

So small they almost touch the ground.

There are also plants with white flowers.

They are all survivors.

I have seen these young green trees.

Which replace the old and dying ones.

I fear though that the future generation would not be able to enjoy much the beauty of the mountain I am seeing today.

As I have seen also trash in one of the spots we have been to.

The place was not even a camping site.

I wonder who could have thrown those garbage in such a beautiful environment.

We must all respect the environment.

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