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A Friendship Lost: This Is Our End

Have you experienced being betrayed by your friends?

Being let down by your once so-called friends?

How did you feel?

Did you hate them?

Did you curse them?

Or, did you block or unfriend them in your social media accounts?

I used to think that friends are forever.

I don’t believe in it no more.

After a number of my “friends” let me down.

I trust friends.

I believe friends.

Their words are sacred to me.

No matter what other people say.

I help friends.

No questions asked.

Do my friends help me too?

I don’t expect them to.

As long as they don’t betray me.

We are fine.

But why do some people betray friends?

Do they think the friend is stupid?

Or, they betray their friends because they are stupid!

Is it because of money?

Is it because of greediness?

Is it because of jealousy?

Or, some just let down friends because by nature they are evil!

Though it pisses me off that once trusted friends can be so callous.

I believe in karma.

What goes around comes around.

I am thankful though that my friends since elementary and high school days are still around.

And we are still truly friends.

Albeit we see each other once in a blue moon.

Let us all treasure our trusted friends!

3 thoughts on “A Friendship Lost: This Is Our End”

  1. That is absolutely true. I had a friend whom I trusted a lot. That idiot betrayed me so badly one day!! Whenever I think of that incident, I remember Kattappa backstabbing Bahubali.

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