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Review2: Two Months Blogging

Today marks my two months in blogosphere.

Thank you to my 2,400 viewers and 1,030 visitors from different countries.

You make me going.

I try my best to write articles which I hope is informative at times, inspirational, entertaining,

Blogging helps me a lot.

I learn from the articles of other bloggers. Their experiences are eye opener to me.

I have so many realizations these past two months.

I connect with other people which I rarely did.

When I was waiting for some very important news to me. I was impatient at times. It affected my relationship with people around me.

But blogging helped me. It lifted my spirit.

It gave me something to do initially.

Later on, it made me more focused on my goals.

I had published articles about my beginnings. These made me look back and realized how blessed I am.

I was able to reach this far from nothing.

Keep on visiting my site.

God bless us all.

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