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Deer Hunting: The Long and Winding Road to the Rogers Trough Trailhead

It was such a very memorable experience travelling to the Rogers Trough Trailhead for our deer hunting at the Superstition Wilderness.

It was so long a ride.

It’s about 13 miles of dirt road from the Queen Valley Road.

The road is bumpy on most parts.

It’s narrow.

It’s dusty.

In some parts, it’s deep cliff on the other side of the road.

It seems dangerous.

It is one busy route though!

There were so many vehicles traversing the road.

There were off-road buggies.

Some buggies even have flags:

There were trucks.

And vans.

It was such a busy road on that day!

I have seen the drivers giving courtesy to others, giving way because it was only a one-lane road.

They waved.

They smiled.

Albeit the wind and the dust.

Most of the people only went there for the ride.

Others went sight seeing.

They like the beautiful Saguaros.

They love the colorful wild flowers.

Others went hiking.

These could be some of the activities of the hikers.

I saw them at the wilderness.

I was thinking, maybe it’s stone edging, or an attempt at it.

When we reached the Rogers Trough Trailhead there were already few cars ahead of us.

The owners were hikers.

There were families with their teens, others with younger children.

There were couples and two grandpas.

And the others were hunters like us.

Some of the hikers spent the night on the wilderness.

We decided to sleep at the back of the truck with our camping stuff.

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  1. What great pictures of a gorgeous place! I love the desert – the cacti, the rocks, the solitude. It doesn’t look like there was a lot of solitude on the road, though. Lots of traffic! I hope you had a good trip.

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