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Deer Hunting: The Very Elusive Buck

No luck yet with the buck (male deer).

We saw a doe (female deer) last Saturday at the Superstition Wilderness.

Doe is for reproduction not for hunting. The hunting tag is for the buck not for a doe.

When I saw the doe through my binoculars I saw also two hunters nearby.

The hunters passed by the place where the doe was standing!

She was so still.

She seemed so alert.

I feel excited and happy everytime I spot an animal on the mountain.

This deer hunting season though we haven’t seen any buck yet.

We have been to different mountains, on different spots.

But no buck!

They are very elusive really!

Yesterday, after work, we went hiking and deer spotting again for how many hours at Apache Junction mountain.

Some parts of the mountain are rocky.

In cases like this, a hunter must be very careful to avoid accidents.

There are choalla cacti.

The ocotillo.

It was relaxing up there.

Overlooking the Canyon Lake.

With the beautiful sunset.

Deer spotting at Superior, Arizona.

Also, N A D A!

Beautiful sunrise!

We haven’t lost hope, yet.

There are still two days left for the deer hunting season!

Good luck to all hunters💃.

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  1. I applaud your beautifully written article and photographs. I won’t wish luck to hunters, as I cry whenever a magnificent animal dies. Still, I hope that they, too, will find success in the experience of breathing fresh desert air, and enjoying both sunrise and sunset in such a beautiful setting.

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