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Be Courteous

At all times!

To all persons.

Regardless of status.

Whether educated or not.

No one can make me feel inferior now.

Gone were the days,

When I just let other people had their way,

Because they were somebody,

Or, the family was known in the community.

Or, they had money!

And no.

I still have no money.

But I have education.

Which money can’t buy.

I know what my rights are.

And no one can trample on that.

Or, they deal with me.

I was told before,

I am hard to deal with.

And I was not called an “Iron Lady” for nothing!

I don’t budge.

When I know I am right!

I’d like to believe.

I am always fair.

I don’t do to others.

What I don’t want others do to me.

Courtesy is as easy as ABC!

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