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My First Snow and the Snowbirds in Arizona

Before reaching my golden age I experienced my first snow!

I grew up in a tropical country, the Philippines.

No snow!

My friends in Arizona last year decided to tour me around Sedona, Grand Canyon and Flagstaff just to experience the snow.

Pictures below were taken at the Grand Canyon.

Me and my friends in Manila planned for how many times to visit South Korea for the snow.

But because we had different class schedules we never had common time to go apply for visa at the embassy.

The plan was in the making for 20 years and it didn’t materialize!

The picture above was taken at the grounds of Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff.

After the experience I have decided that I can’t live with such cold temperature.

Then I understood why the snowbirds leave for a while their hometowns during winter time.

They want to escape the harsh winters where they live.

Snowbird is the term used to refer to people, typically retirees, who come to Arizona or other parts of Sunbelt during the winter season in their place of residence.

Nowadays I use two layers of tops when I go to work.

With a matching beannie or a winter hat and a jacket.

I can’t stand the cold.

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