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The “Winter” Fire

At the moment.

@ 7:17 pm Arizona time.

At the patio.

With my fave flowers.

The yellow roses.

And some pink and peach ones.

With my vegetables.

The kangkong, the okra.
The kamote and yes.

The moringa!

Not to forget the trees.

The orange, the grapefruit and the lemon.

There is something nostalgic.

About the “winter” fire.

Early on.

I only wanted its warmth.

Before going to bed.

After a very stressful day at work.

After staring at the fire for how many minutes though.

I thought of my childhood.

We used to have a fire like this.

Not on evenings.

But at dawn on the month of December.

It went on until maybe February.

The coldest month in the Philippines.

One fire was enough for the neighborhood.

It didn’t really matter.

Who started one.

Once we woke up and felt the cold.

We just went out and looked around.

Who had the fire.

If none had started one yet.

Me and my mother or my sister.

Would start one.

We used dried hays, or twigs or woods.

Or bamboos.

It made a brighter.

Or a bigger fire.

When the neighbors woke up.

They’d come to our backyard.

To share the fire.

To share stories.

To share laughter.

To share problems.

And most of the times.

To share coffee!

It was fun.

At times educational.

It was just like a newsroom.

Hearing the goings on of society.

I miss those days.

And I miss my mother.

Descanse en paz mi mama.

She died of lung cancer years ago.

The “Winter” Fire

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