thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018: On Darkness and Blessings

@ 6:26pm on my swing.

At the moment.

At the patio.

In front of a little campfire.

The surrounding is dark.

Even the sky is dark.

The moon can’t be seen.

I can only see few stars above.

All of a sudden.

Loud truck horns can be heard.

It lasted for how many minutes.

There are dogs barking loudly.

They are still barking now.

For a while it was scary.

I can see the lights of an airplane above.

I could hear its noise.

Little by little more stars are coming out.

Having moments like this.

Make me think of so many things.

To be thankful for.

The blessings from above.

The guidance that He provides.

The peace of mind.

The safety of my love ones.

The gift of love.

Thank you God.

For everything.

Thanksgiving Breakfast
Thanksgiving Dinner

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