how to survive in America

How to Survive in America (Part 2)

2. Be Punctual.

Be always on time even if others are not.

Be there on or before your clock-in time even if it hurts.

The people you work with count on you.

Do not let them down.

If the bosses feel that they can’t count on you. It will be easier on their part to let you go.

But how to be on time always?

These simple tips might help.

1. Prepare the things you need at work before you go to bed.

Put out your work clothes and the shoes that you want to use.

All the stuff you need, put them inside your work bag.

2. Plan your breakfast.

It will be easier to prepare once you know what you will be having.

3. Going to bed early helps.

4. Always turn on the alarm clock.

5. If you commute to work, be at the bus station ahead of its schedule.

6. Be sure to know the bus schedules!

As the saying goes:

Early bird catches the worm!

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