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New Year Tradition: 12 Round Fruits for Luck

One tradition of the Filipinos to welcome New Year is to collect 12 different kinds of round fruits. The 12 round fruits represent the 12 months of the year. It is believed that these attract prosperity for the whole year. For good luck. For good fortune. I do it almost every year. Just remember to… Continue reading New Year Tradition: 12 Round Fruits for Luck

tips in getting your money's worth. getting your money's worth

6 Tips in Getting Your Money’s Worth

I used to buy stuff without thinking of discounts.Or upcoming sales.Especially if the items I wanted were for my daughters.It was my friend who taught me how to shop wisely.Through the years I have learned how to get my hard earned money's worthHow?1. Look at the price of the item first.Does it commensurate with the… Continue reading 6 Tips in Getting Your Money’s Worth

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Missing the Great Outdoors

Never been out to the mountains lately due to work. And of course the cold weather. We were supposed to go javelina spotting yesterday morning, Christmas day. At 5am I tried getting out but it was too cold. So I decided to go back to bed and snore instead. I miss these though. The carefree… Continue reading Missing the Great Outdoors

Christmas 2018. tips for living life to the fullest.

11 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

These statements I heard on Christmas day made me paused for a while and reflect.1. Whether you diet or not, you will die.2. Whether you are healthy or not, you will die.3. Everybody will die.These statements were jokingly uttered by a father to his son on the video while eating the "lechong baboy" (roasted pig).Photo… Continue reading 11 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

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Christmas 2018: George, the Smart Grandpa

I was a voracious reader. I guess it started when I heard my Grade 2 teacher told the school superintendent that I was the brightest in class. Eventually, being insatiable reader was good for my university teaching profession. I liked playing any word games. But I love scrabble. Whenever we played my cousins could not… Continue reading Christmas 2018: George, the Smart Grandpa

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Christmas 2018: Twilight and Beautiful Flowers on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all of us! Be happy with your love ones. I hope my pictures today will help brighten your Christmas day as they do mine. As my friend says: "Cheers!!" Photo courtesy: Sharon Twilight @ Christmas My flowers this Christmas day. This beautiful sunrise promises happy days ahead. Let's keep on hopin'.

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Christmas 2018: Family Tradition

Family reunion. Family bonding. Get together with lots of stories to share. Full of laughter. Teasing. Giving gifts. Exchange gifts. Giving Christmas money for the kids. And of course Food and Drinks. For most families, this is the meaning of Christmas. A once a year gathering of the kin. When I was in Manila, we… Continue reading Christmas 2018: Family Tradition