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On Professionalism: Tips on How to Become One

It’s frustrating!

When some people you deal with just aren’t professional in transacting business matters.

When do people become unprofessional in transactions?

Here are some reasons I consider as signs of unprofessionalism:

1. When people do not give what’s due to you.

2. When they do not do what they said they would do.

3. When they do not give updates either.

4. When you know they have seen and read your messages but you are put in a “seen zone”.

They saw the messages.

Nothing follows.

No answer!

5. At times, they don’t read the messages at all.

6. When it’s too difficult to locate them.

7. When they keep on changing their accounts on social media.

And you can’t trace them anymore.

8. When they deny what they said or they deny any agreement you had.

9. When they changed what was agreed upon without clear explanation.

10. When they have promised to give what’s due to you but there is no delivery.

Just the promises.

And they keep changing the dates of delivery.

And there’s always a reason for non-execution of the promises.

It’s so damn frustrating!

But you can’t do anything.

You just have to wait patiently for positive results.

And I am not a very patient person.

How can we make this place a better one to live in?

How should we deal with other people?

How should we transact business?

Here’s a simple list. Feel free to add more.

1. Do what is supposed to be done even without people reminding you about it.

2. If you can’t do it in time, give update to the person concerned.

3. Be visible. Do not hide even on social media.

4. You deliver what you promised.

If you cannot deliver on time, give a clear explanation.

If you promised your authors that you distribute royalty fees twice a year, do it, don’t give it once a year!

Yes, that’s one source of my frustration.

5. Be transparent especially involving money.

6. Be honest. Always.

7. Remember, time is gold.

Don’t waste other people’s time.

8. Don’t take anybody for granted.

Everyone deserves courtesy.

I’ve written a separate article about this on: (Be Courteous).


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