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5 Tips on How to Build Self-Confidence

There are some people who are not sure of themselves.

They doubt their capabilities.

I think they are too much concerned on what other people will say.

How other people would judge them.

And they are highly educated too.

If we think of how other people would judge us every time we do things, I just bet nothing will be done.

My personal mantra is “do what is right”.

With this as guidance, I don’t care what other people will say.

How other people would judge me, it is up to them.

I don’t spend precious time thinking about it.

We can’t please everybody anyway.

How people judge us is based on different factors usually.

Experience is one, knowledge is another.

But how can one build self-confidence?

There are many ways. It depends on the person. Techniques vary.

To me though, these 5 stand out.

1. Be Yourself.

Don’t pretend to be someone else.

When a person pretends, that is when he/she is not sure of anything.


2. Know Your Craft.

Know your capability.

It helps boost your confidence if you know what you can do.

3. Know your worth.

Don’t let other people take you for granted.


Don’t exaggerate though so that you can gain people’s trust.

4. Believe in Yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

If you believe in yourself it radiates in your personality.

It shows in your actions.

5. Be honest.

If you are honest you are prepared for any eventuality.

No need to think of alibis.

You can do things with conviction.

You can speak with confidence.


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