how to survive in America

How to Survive in America (Part 3)

3. Be Honest.

I still believe honesty is the best policy.

Be honest.

At all times.

Even if you need it very badly.

And even if no one sees you.

Always tell the truth.

Who knows you might even be rewarded for being honest.

Do not expect or wait for the reward though.

Do not be honest just for the possibility of being given a reward.

Be honest because you want to.

Make it your way of life.

It feels good 👍 to be honest.

People will like and respect you more if they know you are honest.

Being honest is one factor which is considered by the bosses in giving you their trust.

In believing in you.

Even if it means hurting a person. Always tell the truth.

It would hurt the person more once the truth is revealed.

It is the best feeling if you are not bothered about anything else.

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