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6 Tips on How to Deal With Annoying People

At times we encounter people who annoy us.

And they do not seem to notice that they are already a pain in the ass.

They keep on doing their thing which annoys us.

Different people have varied ways of coping with annoying people.

The following is a list of styles or techniques that I usually do on coping with the people who annoy me.

1. I don’t listen.

The person can talk all she wants.

I don’t need to listen to her crap.

If the person can’t notice that she doesn’t have my full attention, that’s her problem not mine.

That’s how simple my life is.

2. I go away from the person.

If my fuse is short at that moment, I avoid the person.

I think of something just to get away from her.

Even non-existent things sometimes just to flee from the person who annoys me.

3. I try to be patient.

If I have nothing better to do, I try my very best to be patient.

And sit still and just listen.

And try to understand that maybe it’s the person’s nature.

To be annoying to other people.

4. I tell straight to the person that she’s pissing me off.

This depends if she is a friend.

If she is, I tell her bluntly that she annoys me. And explain why.

5. I try to be understanding.

Especially if I know that the person lives alone.

And maybe she really needs to talk or blah blah.

Because she has no one to talk to.

6. I re-direct or guide her.

If the person who annoys me is part of my job, I can re-direct her.

As a teacher I used to guide students in answering questions.

There were some who gave weird answers to questions.

Rather than show to the whole class that I was pissed off, I guided the student by simplifying the questions.

At times by giving examples.


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