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Fan Art for #MissUniverse2018: Catriona Gray (Philippines)

Filipinos are united once again in celebrating the victory of Catriona Gray as Miss Universe 2018.

One friend even called Catriona Gray, a unifying agent.

After her victory, many made fan art for the #MissUniverse2018.

The GMA News made a compilation of these and people are happy about it.

In times of difficulties it’s always good to see people united.

They are very happy.

At the victory of their bet Catriona Gray.

Sharing with you some of the fan art dedicated to #MissUniverse2018:

Credit to the very talented owners!

Courtesy: Shania Fenwick

Courtesy: Kenneth Permejo

Courtesy: Kenjie Nuñez

Courtesy: Nathaniel San Pedro

Courtesy: Kenneth Permejo

Even in the fan art, there are symbolisms about the Philippines.

One fan even commented “so it’s true what Catriona said that she will bring the whole country with her” to Thailand where the pageant was held.

“I will bring the whole Philippines with me”.

(Catriona Gray)

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  1. From all the writeups that I read about her through philstar.com and inquirer.net, shes a very strong beauty contestant–fully prepared and have the persistence and drive to succeed. it finally paid off and she’s now part of that exclusive Miss U club winners(Philippine descent)—Gloria,Margie and Pia. Good for her!

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