Christmas 2018. tips for living life to the fullest.

11 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest

These statements I heard on Christmas day made me paused for a while and reflect.

1. Whether you diet or not, you will die.

2. Whether you are healthy or not, you will die.

3. Everybody will die.

These statements were jokingly uttered by a father to his son on the video while eating the “lechong baboy” (roasted pig).

Photo courtesy: Just Lovin’ Food

People with hypertension like me usually avoid eating lechong baboy especially the very crispy pork skin.

But that’s what’s delicious!

You can’t just avoid eating a few slices.

Not unless the person is really that disciplined on her food intake.

Once in a while is okay.

On a daily basis is stupidity already!

True, we will all die.

So let’s live life to the fullest!


These helped me along the way.

I hope they will help you too.

1. Do things which make you happy.

2. It’s good to consider other people but don’t forget yourself in the process.

3. If you disregard yourself, you will end up having self-pity.

4. Self-pity has no place in anybody’s life.

Act to shake it off your system.

5. Avoid doing things which give you stress.

If you’re not happy doing it, then don’t.

6. Avoid people who gives you stress.

Nobody can force you to interact with persons you consider as your stressor.

7. No more hatred.

If your heart is full of hatred, you can’t enjoy life.

8. Love your enemies?

I always find this a tall order.

I know the feeling.

Of not wanting to even think about the person whom you consider an enemy.

It could bring back the pain.

The heart aches.

9. Time heals everything.

However painful it was.

One needs to endure.

Everything will pass.

Don’t force it.

You will be healed.

10. You need to help yourself.

Think of something to improve yourself.

In my case I was obsessed with studying.

11. Have faith.

In God’s time.

All is well!

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