tips in getting your money's worth. getting your money's worth

6 Tips in Getting Your Money’s Worth

I used to buy stuff without thinking of discounts.

Or upcoming sales.

Especially if the items I wanted were for my daughters.

It was my friend who taught me how to shop wisely.

Through the years I have learned how to get my hard earned money’s worth


1. Look at the price of the item first.

Does it commensurate with the quality?

Calvin Klein luggage bag

Some items are as expensive as the branded ones.

Look closely how the stuff is made.

You are going to spend your hard earned money.

You might as well get one which can be used several times not only once.

2. Don’t buy on impulse.

Compare the price of the item in one store with that of another store.

Guess Sneakers

Several stores sell this at $39.99 to $89.99.

I got this for less than $20.

3. Scrutinize the quality.

Don’t buy stuff because of the hype.

Liz Claiborne sling bag

My friends used to say “you’re buying the brand”. That explains the price.

But some shoppers know where to look for branded items at affordable prices.

These goodies were sold at 50% off a few hours after Christmas!

I bet they will last me several months.

4. Do you need the item now or can you wait until it will be offered on sale? 50%? 70%?

This pants used to be nearly $20.

It was offered on sale for $5.

These used to be nearly $14 each.

I got them on sale at $5 each.

5. Will the item suit your purpose?

These Christmas shirts were offered at 50% off.

6. Do you really need a brand new or will a second hand do?

Drums set

The price of a new drums set ranges from $149.99 to $299.99.

The second hand set on top I got it only for $40.

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