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A Look Back at 2018 (Last Part)


That’s what happened to me in mid 2018.

I published my first article on the 7th of August.

To date I have published 121 articles.

I am happy with 7,391 views and 2,371 visitors after only 6 months of blogging.

Initially I just wanted something to do after work.

It was a collaboration with my daughters.

It took us how many days to decide on the blog, itslifelyn.

My girls were my first readers and editors!

I love writing.

But there were days that I can’t publish an article.

If you take a look at my archives, there are different numbers of articles in every month.

This was due to:

Writer’s block.

Exhaustion from work.

Or, few times I was busy reviewing about a special topic.

I have not decided yet if I am doing a series of that topic here or not.

Blogging has helped me in many ways.

To express my feelings.

To let out my emotions.

To vent my anger and frustrations.

Most of the times though I try to write articles which could help my readers.

Thank you for reading me.

God Bless Us All!

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