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A Night Visit from a Squadron of Javelinas

About 10 minutes ago (around 7:20pm) a group of javelinas visited us!

They were outside the kitchen door.

About 10 of them!

Different sizes too!

We opened the porch light.

What a sight!

They were not noisy.

They just stood there.

Staring at us while taking pictures.

I found it so funny.

That the javelinas come to the backyard.

And we shooed them away after taking pictures.

No shooting!

But we go looking for the javelinas on the mountains!

Well, the hunters said that the javelinas which go to the neighborhood are not safe to eat.

You never know what they’ve eaten.

Also, hunters must shoot safety.

They cannot shoot within one quarter mile of a building.

They cannot shoot across a road also.


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