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Life in Manila: High Prices

In my previous articles I have written about inflation.

But I was shocked with the very high prices of everything in Manila.

I had difficulty understanding what happened.

My friends and my daughters have different explanations.

Even my Grade 7 Fiona she can explain what caused such price increases!

The price of rooms for rent.

Four years ago, we rented one room at a second floor of an apartment.

There were only two rooms on the same floor.

I paid P6,500 (about $125) a month.

There was a mini room within the room.

There was a living room.

Nowadays the rent of a very small room as in a micro room with only a double deck bed and one wall fan is P13,200 (about $255).

A studio type room, my daughters told me, the charge is P1,800/head per day (around $35).

For the three of us to stay there, it would cost us P5,400/day (around $104).

A whopping P162,000 (around $3120) a month.

It’s not a hotel. Not also an inn or lodge. Just an ordinary room.

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