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Life in Manila: Transacting in Government Offices

On my first day here I visited 2 government offices, the Social Security System (SSS) and the PAG-IBIG (Home Development Mutual Fund).

At the PAG-IBIG office I was told that they can’t provide me yet a printed copy of my total contributions.

First reason they have a new system.

They have not transferred yet all their files.

One file they have zipped and called it the legacy. It needs to be merged with the new system.

That I need to request for a merging of all my records too.

And a record of my employment history from the SSS.

At the SSS office, the staff initially told me I need to get a request form from the agency requiring me to get my employment history!

I looked at him.

I told myself “calm down”.

I took deep breaths.

Then asked him very slowly.

“Does it mean that I can’t even request for a copy of my own employmeny history, Sir?”.

Eventually, he printed me a copy.

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