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Life in Manila: Industrious People

I see familiar faces every time I go to the university where I taught for 22 years.

I entered the Cardinal Santos gate, there was the smiling and very respectful guard.

I went out at the Basic Education Department gate, I saw the familiar face of “manong” (respectful term for an older person) who sells slices of different kinds of fruits like pineapples and mangoes.

He used to sell with his father. Yesterday his father was not with him. He was busy selling to the students so I was not able to talk to him.

Me and my girls went to the parlor for manicure and pedicure.

There was Jo, the lady who always did my nails. She has 2 daughters like me.

We chatted about our girls. Her younger daughter who was already in uniform wasn’t able to go to school because her service didn’t stop for her.

Near the parlor, is the eatery of Zeny. She used to be the household help in our boarding house when I was a university student. She is married to a former seaman. They have a special child.

Along the Zobel street, I saw the familiar face of “kuya” (term to refer to a guy who is not that old yet) selling “kwek-kwek” quail eggs cooked with flour.

He works with his mother.

At San Marcelino St., there was the “manong” who works at the xerox center. He photocopied our exams for our students. We just left the papers early morning, when we picked them up they were already stapled ready for distribution.

As I am writing this article I heard noises on the street.

I saw a group of “manongs” collecting the trash.

And it’s only 3:27 am Manila time.

Kudos to these very diligent people.

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