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My Idol: A Very Brave Woman and A Survivor (How to Help Overseas Mom)

Today I visited an old friend at the university, my Ate Ganda.

I heard that lately she was hospitalized due to the recurrence of an ailment.

She is very brave about it.

I always admire her for such courage.

She’s always cool.

She’s not pressured by any problem.

She’s my idol.

My idol works as a librarian.

She’d been at the university since my day 1: as a student and as a student assistant at the library department.

We used to call her “Ate Ganda” (a beautiful older sister).

Ate Ganda was good to us, working students.

She was always ready to help.

When I was overseas Ate Ganda helped my daughters in times of need of a parent or guardian.

She got their grade cards for them.

My daughters cannot get their own cards.

It’s required that parents or guardians must go to the university and get the cards of their children from the class adviser.

An opportunity for the adviser to update the parents on how their children are doing in class.

If my older daughter could not find a reference book for her research, I would message Ate Ganda and ask for help.

There was a time my girls could not get my money remittance for their allowance. Ate Ganda was there for them.

Years ago, my daughters were stranded due to floods.

I texted Ate Ganda and she was the one who helped my daughters.

My girls were able to go home to our apartment near the university.

Ate Ganda is so vibrant.

She’s successful too.

And her children are doing good.

I pray that she lives a long life.

We need friends like her.

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