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Things to Enjoy in the Philippines: Beautiful Flowers

I love these flowers!

They’ve been with us for how many years now.

The first time I posted pictures of my flowers on fb, my friends all wanted to have one.

I tried propagating for them but wasn’t successful.

My high school mates at The Magsingal Institute (TMI) have the same hobby as mine.


Taking care of flowering plants.

Enjoy batch Susan’s flowers:

Good news for those who live at Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Susan propagates her plants and sells them at very affordable price.

Bunny, another school mate, has collection of beautiful flowers too.

She’s a teacher.

She writes poems for her flowers.

On her fb post last Feb. 17, 2019, Bunny has this to say about them:

“Da mt pangayayo da
Agas dagitoy mata
Uray saggaysa
Maragsakanak latta
At least da sabongda”

(At least these plants have attraction for my eyes. In exchange of my effort in taking care of them. Even if they’re only single flowers. At least there is a flower).

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