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Life in Manila: I Got Sick

Dry cough is real!

It’s painful.

I fell ill 2 days ago.

I suspect it was caused by:

1. Extreme heat

2. Pollution

3. Fatigue

4. Not taking my Vitamin C

I wasn’t expecting I suffer this much.

Last night was the worst.

After I took the medicines, I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up when I felt my daughters were adjusting my pillows.

They were putting blanket over me.

My girls took care of me.

They suggested I rest today.

“You can finish the rest of your stuff next week.”

That’s what they advised me.

I took it to heart.

I rested.

Just drank lemon juice.

At the moment we are on our way to my brother’s place.

I hope fresh air on the farm will help me get really well.

I have changed medicines today after being seen by the University Doctor.

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