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Life on the Farm: Useful Items That Make Life Easier

The earthen jar.

It holds water for washing stuff.

Or washing your feet if full of mud from the fields.

The water pump.

It is used to water the plants.

It gets water from the streams or rivers.

The bamboo bridge.

Through this bridge it’s easier and faster to move from one field to another.

It’s also used to avoid getting your feet wet.

The cart.

It is pulled by a carabao or a cow.

The cart is used to transport heavy stuff like the water pump.

The irrigation.

This is very helpful to the farmers.

The water comes from the bigger irrigation.

If there’s lack of water, the fields would become like these.

Super dry fields yield lesser produce.

My brother was telling me that he only got 7 sacks of unhusked rice from these parcels of land.

He used to get 20 sacks.

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