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How I Try to Beat the Heat in Manila

I eat Halo-halo!

It is a popular Filipino dessert especially during summer.

It is a mix of different fruits like the banana, jackfruit, young coconut, sweet yam with sugar and milk.

A small slice of leche flan.

And of course the shaved ice.

On top is a scoop or two of ice cream.

We ate lunch today at Chowking in Times Plaza at UN Avenue.

I had the regular halo-halo.

Faye and Zoe ate the milky white halo-halo.

There are many versions of halo-halo all over the country.

In the Ilocos region, we put cantaloupe.

At times we put colored purple glutinous rice.

Others mix sweet corn.

Following are photos of different halo-halo posted at one time by my friends from different places.

📷: B-vogs @Las Vegas

📷: Mary Ann @ Robinson’s Manila

📷: Josephine @ Ermita, Manila

📷: Merilyn @ Ilocos Sur

The cold effect may not be lasting.

But at least even for a little while you can beat the heat.

With the very delicious halo-halo.

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