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How to Gain Height, According to Zoe

I was really amazed how tall my younger daughter Zoe has become in the last 2 years.

She will be turning 12 on April 5.

She was only this tall 2 years ago.

These photos were taken on May, 2016.

The two pictures above were taken on the night before I left Manila on May 25, 2016.

This is Zoe now, the picture was taken last weekend at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

With her sister, Faye.

Zoe is taller now than Faye at only nearly 12 years old.

I asked her what did she do when I was overseas that made her so tall?

Her simple answers:

1. Eat Vegetables.

2. Sleep.

3. Always eat.

I give my daughters P200 a day for their allowance.

For their snacks and lunch while in the University.

They are given extra amount so that they can buy something to eat while waiting for their father to fetch them.

They usually waited 3 to 5 hours before they are fetched from the University.

I am so happy that Zoe has grown so much.

Now we are coaching Faye to apply what Zoe did to grow taller also.

Faye is not much into eating vegetables

She is stressed with her studies.

Being included in the top students in her class matters a lot to her.

I don’t require my daughters to be on top 1 or 2 anymore.

I learned my lesson years ago when I was reprimanded by my mother.

I just remind my girls to enjoy their stay in school.

As long as they learn something.

And they are happy.

This is a happy mother too.

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